Setting Up Your Poker HUD Stats

Setting Up Your Poker HUD Stats

A HUD could be a terribly useful tool that’s distinctive to on-line poker that helps USA visualize period knowledge concerning our opponents. Poker could be a game of knowledge, and also the additional we’ve, the higher we should always be able to play. therefore putting in your poker HUD, victimization the most effective stats, and gleaning the proper data will offer you an enormous advantage.

Configuring Your Poker HUD

Using a poker HUD are some things you must 해외배팅사이트 contemplate, presumptuous you’re not victimization one already. however data is useless unless you understand how to utilize it. therefore this guide are all about the HUD stats you will think about using – and the way to use them higher. (And if you don’t have already got a HUD, grab a free 30-day trial of PokerTracker 4 and see however nice it’s fidgeting with one!)

Basics HUD Stats:


VPIP is one among the foremost vital stats. It tells USA however usually our opponents are golf shot cash into the pot voluntarily (so posting the blind and ne’er putting another cent into the pot that hand doesn’t count as VPIP). I in person color-code this stat therefore I will quickly see if somebody is enjoying too several hands, too few, and obtain a fast plan on their player sort.


This stat goes hand-in-hand with VPIP (and is additionally color-coded). It tells USA however usually this player is raising preflop. This stat ought to be taken in thought with VPIP. A 15 August 1945 PFR might sound high, however there’s a vast distinction in player sort between a 17/15 and a 72/15. This stat can even be heavily tied with ATS.

These numbers are wont to quickly gauge aggression. A high AF (Aggression Factor) or AFq (Aggression Frequency) implies that a player’s actions are usually additional aggressive than passive.

AF appearance at this in magnitude relation type ANd compares aggressive actions to passive actions (so an AF of four means that they basically take an aggressive action 4 times as usually as they take a passive one), and AFq appearance at this variety through a share type. the precise formulas for these stats will dissent slightly between package, therefore check your poker information & HUD package to examine specifically however they calculate it.

ATS (Attempt To Steal)

A player’s conceive to steal lets USA knowledge usually a player tries to steal the blinds in poker. It offers us a direct plan of the player’s point awareness that is priceless to us. therefore a player may well be 16/13 with AN ATS of thirty fifth, ANd another 16/13 with an ATS of 15 August 1945. The player with the ATS of 15 August 1945 isn’t terribly positionally aware, and doesn’t weight hands compete from L-P identical manner the upper thirty fifth ATS player would. therefore it helps us frame scores of data, everything from their 3B vary to their open raise range from MP2. Also, bear in mind that ATS is relative to a player’s VPIP and PFR.

ATS is incredibly helpful therein it will facilitate USA build our 3b vary. Say they steal, have a high ATS and a high Foldv3B, then we are able to mathematically get in Poker Stove, do some O-Range v Cont-Range calculations, ANd fathom an best 3B vary, size, and frequency.

This stat tells USA however usually a player three bets preflop. This stat will facilitate USA frame a players vary and frequency once they 3B, however can even facilitate us exploit a poker player whether or not we tend to steal or build a particular play preflop (like 4b/fold/flat). certify to envision point stats on 3B’s, as several players are tight 3B’rs in EP/MP, however have giant 3B ranges from the button and blinds (usually thanks to their high resteal %s).

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