How to read a dealer in blackjack?

How to read a dealer in blackjack?

The ability to “read the opponent,” recognized by the expression of his face the power of his cards, is very important for those games where the participants play not against the dealer (casino), but against each other. This is relevant, first of all, for poker, where the ability to bluff is valued so that others believe you. But, it is worth noting that against the dealer, such skills may well come in handy.

How to bite the dealer?

There are many varieties of blackjack, where 파워볼사이트 dealer, when dealt with cards, opens one of them. The rules are very simple, and you know about them for sure – if an open card is an ace or has a dignity of 10 points, then, in this case, a closed card is checked to find out if it has blackjack. This is done so that the player does not have the slightest opportunity to see the combination of casinos. However, one cannot exclude the possibility that the dealer himself will give out the combination with his gestures or expression of place. Your task is to bite the dealer, and you will have a very serious advantage over the gambling house.

Experienced employees remain impassive, and in general, it will be very problematic to find such a casino employee, but, nonetheless, it is probable.

It is safe to say that the player’s ability to read not only his opponents but also the dealer turns a professional into a real master. Here, the ability to memorize, mark, and analyze the actions of opponents is important, noting his facial expressions or movements. A blackjack dealer must follow very strict rules – this is what the casino requires from him.

How legal is it

An analysis of the dealer’s actions cannot be exactly called fraud – you do not violate any of the rules of a gambling establishment, do not use prohibited technical means, or cheat. It may be noted that the attempt to “crack the dealer” will be as honest as the analysis of the actions of poker players. And if the dealer serving the players cannot do their job really well, then this is certainly not a problem for the client of the gambling establishment.

Let’s turn to the essence. All the little things are important – including how much the dealer bends the received card, considering the face value.

If the dealer has a low-value card, in this case, the croupier bends it a little more than usual. This is done in order to make sure that he did not get an ace. This is especially true for the four – writing this number is very similar to the letter “A”. Experienced players note that often, the dealer does not want to take risks and examines the card closely, revealing it almost completely. And inexperienced casino employees over several circles may well several times review the card that they got.

We turn to high-value cards with pictures – jack, queen, and an ace. An important point – all of them, as you know, have a face value of 10 points and, therefore, the dealer does not need to consider these cards at all. As a result, casino employees look at these cards very quickly, which is what they ultimately issue them.

Our recommendation is to watch the dealer. Croupier ‘visiting the same casino for a long time, you, with due care and observation, can well study the staff. By the way, there has been a recent trend when the administration of gambling houses takes measures against the players reading the emotions of dealers.


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